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Kill Bed Bugs Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding! Let us show you how to destroy every single one hiding n your home... "What if I told you there’s a university proven, do-it-yourself, pet and child safe bed bug spray you can use immediately to get rid of bed bugs without poisoning your home?" Are you looking for a simple to use solution you can trust is safe and which can help you save BIG? Then keep reading because we will show you how you can use our bed bug eradication spray to get rid of bed bugs! Any good relationship starts with trust. We want to earn your trust, and to do that we’ll be 100% honest and open with you. We ultimately hate bed bugs just as much (if not more!) as you do. Our only priority is to help you get rid of bed bugs, so first we have to tell you that if you have an EXTREME bed bug problem then getting an exterminator might be a wise choice. It's pretty simple to see if you need professional help: if you found hundreds of bed bugs in multiple rooms and are getting bitten dozens of times a night you probably need a whole team to come and take radical steps to save your home. But don't get us wrong, our product is University tested and proven to work, so you COULD and CAN use it to destroy even the most severe infestations. It’s just that at some extreme point it’s probably better to get a professional to handle the situation. However if your infestation is not yet an extreme one that's GOOD NEWS because then there's still time for us to help you get rid of bed bugs in an easy to follow process that works overnight. Fobia If you aren’t sure if we’re right for you simply read over the following questions: 30 seconds to uncover if our product can help you Do you see bed bugs here and there either through night or during the day? Do you get one or more red, sometimes itchy, bites? Have you found dark or bloody stains on your mattress or your linen? Did you find a nest or a couple bed bug nets either on your furniture or on your mattress? Do you live in an urban area and you’ve heard your neighbours have bed bugs or if there are reports of bed bugs in your city? Fobia If you answered YES to any of these then this page will be the most important one you’ll ever read. Because believe it or not, it IS possible to get rid of bed bugs without breaking the bank or worrying you’re poisoning your home or putting your children or your pets in any kind of risk. And most importantly – you can do it FAST (overnight or in a matter of days for bigger infestations) and all by yourself. This University researched and proven to work solution is completely deadly to bed bugs and DESTROYS them on contact without toxic ingredients or damaging your linen, clothes or furniture. In short, we’ve developed the “perfect” bed bug destroyer and now it’s your chance to uncover its power and bring you the ease of mind you’ve been searching for. Fobia See these scary critters here? When mature each of them can lay up to 500 eggs! BUT HOW AND WHERE DO BED BUGS EVEN COME TO YOUR HOME? There’s a myth circulating. And it’s not true at all! The myth that hurts and helps spread bed bugs is only the dirty or “poor” homes get them. The truth couldn’t be further from reality. Fobia Bed bugs don’t discriminate and are often found in the cleanest of homes. It’s so easy to spread bed bugs to ALL and any environments. Bed bugs are masters of hitching a ride from one person or one place to another. Bed bugs have developed ways to quickly spread from one bedroom to another. From an infested home a bed bug will climb on that unfortunate person’s clothes and climb down to the seat on a bus or a chair at the movies. Since most of us are using taxis, going to the movies, sitting on the subway, buying used furniture, sleeping over in motels or hotels all of this makes it very easy for bed bugs to be introduced to a new home. Sometimes one of your neighbours will get them and a bed bug will find its way to your home. Bed bugs are incredibe at spreading from one home to another. So even if you don’t have them yet it’s imperative you get the protection and make sure that if they ever come you’re ready and well prepared.